After focusing on cardio workouts for years, I started training with Dave and in just a few short weeks began seeing results that I had long hoped for. The workout was tailored specifically for me, and it was highly motivating to see the improvement in my strength & fitness so quickly! Having had two babies in quick succession, I was anxious about getting back in shape, and without a doubt opting for individual training sessions was the best decision. The team at Metabolic Fitness are extremely professional, friendly and practice what they preach; their philosophy is grounded in science and years of experience. I would highly recommend them!
Jenny Cunningham
Google Manager
I am a serial gym joiner who finally worked out the only way is individual training. Working on two sessions a week, I have made great strides so far. This method gives an incredible workout. It has been a long time since I had so much fun sweating.
James Fox
Company Director
I am 51 years of age & took part in a 12k assault course called Hell & Back. Why did I do it? Probably because I am slightly mad but the fact is I did it all thanks to my Trainer Eamonn at Metabolic Fitness. I’ve been training with Eamonn for nearly a year and at the beginning I was apprehensive & dreaded my first training session, expecting to be surrounded by burley body builders but not at all. Both Eamonn & Dave made me feel so welcome & comfortable that i am now totally addicted. I train twice a week with Eamonn who is just the best. He is never fooled & constantly keeps me motivated. My body shape has totally changed & I’ve never been fitter or stronger. So far I have lost 7% body fat, dropped 10 lbs of pure fat and am still increasing muscle. But dropping a dress size has probably given me the biggest buzz (it’s a girl thing!) Eamonn is constantly changing my programme to keep my body working harder & regularly advises me on nutrition to achieve even better results. The training sessions are hard but fun and never boring. The best testimony I can give is I suffered with knee & back pain before metabolic & both have disappeared under the expert care & support of Eamonn. I can safely say Metabolic Fitness is a life changing experience & one I am not willing to give up.
Orla Keeley
Dave is more than just my personal trainer, he is genuinely interested in my health, fitness and progress. Over the months he has kept me interested in training by switching my programs around and helping me improve my diet, fitness and strength. He educates me on why I do certain exercises and why I need to take the food, drink and supplements he recommends. So I feel like I’m in control and not just doing what I’m told without understanding it. He has helped me overcome injuries by spending time working with me on my mobility and techniques. And although he pushes me really hard when we’re training, I always feel he’s doing the best thing for me and my body. I think when I started training I expected it’d just be for a few months. But I enjoy it more and more each week, it’s my lifestyle now and I’m not giving it up. I have lost 6% body fat and dropped over 10lbs of fat since I started, but it’s not even about that for me anymore. It’s about spending a few hours a week doing what I love with the best trainer I’ve ever had. I’m healthier, stronger, leaner and happier with my body and fitness than I’ve ever been. I cannot recommend Metabolic Fitness enough. I love it. Thank you Dave!
Jen Walsh
Digital Media Consultant
I heard about Metabolic Fitness from a friend of mine last April and after an initial thorough consult with Dave I made an apt to train with Eamonn. I’ve been training with him twice a week since then. Eamonn understands how busy life is, so all the goals he has set out for me have been attainable. I’ve gone from an unhealthy body fat of 28% to 18%. I’ve toned up and have never felt more fit and healthy. Eamonn also gives vital nutritional advice and is motivational and personable. I now look forward to training and it is becoming a huge part of my life.
Sean Byrne
Fashion Designer
I have been training with Dave Peelo for one year now and I can honestly say I have never felt better. I wanted to shape up for my wedding and had 7 months to get results! I look forward to my sessions at metabolic fitness as it’s a lovely friendly environment to train in. Dave pushes me to achieve fitness results I could never imagine on my own especially as I have a shoulder injury which he carefully works with. I also find Dave’s diet and meal recommendations instrumental in my 3 stone weight loss as he is an advocate of clean eating and doesn’t promote fad diets. I would urge anyone who needs that extra bit of a push to get into that little black dress to check out Metabolic Fitness.
Danielle Mc Crossan
Business Owner
I heard about Metabolic Fitness through a friend who goes there. Not only was she raving about how good they were, but I could see a difference in her- she was so energetic and happy since she started with them. I booked in with personal trainer Eamon 6 months ago and have been training with him twice a week since then. So far I’ve lost 21lbs and 11% body fat. I’m delighted with the results. When I signed up for the initial session I was a bit apprehensive, but told myself that whatever Eamon said to do I would do. I need not have worried; there was nothing outrageous or faddy about it, just sensible diet guidelines paired with the training. Eamon explains everything to me so well and really minds and encourage me through each hour. Being able to see the improvement in strength week on week is a real motivator. Beating a PB is a great feeling! I’ve been doing this for 6 months now and know that I won’t go back to my old lifestyle. The reason this is so sustainable is because it’s so enjoyable. Working full time, I also really appreciate that it only takes up 2 hours a week but still provides great results. I feel strong, healthy and happy. I plan on staying this way.
Noella M.
"At Metabolic Fitness on Drury Street in Dublin city centre, Dave Peelo uses a number of training methods to boost the metabolism and, if you have no time to make lunch, he’ll pick out appropriate menu choices in your area. The reason most of Peelo’s client are referrals, he explains, is because the benefits of proper training are so dramatic that it pulls in other people" -> View Full Article.
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