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Common Health & Fitness Questions

Whats more important, regular exercise or a good diet? You can’t out train a bad diet. The truth is in my experience, those who focus

Importance of sleep

Sleep is really important for recovery and fat loss but some people struggle with finding a proper sleep routine. The unfortunate fact is; if you

Fundamental weight training movements

Do you ever wonder if you are performing exercises properly, or feel too intimidated to try simply because you don’t know where to start?Below are

The low down on carbs

Do you train regularly at high intensity? If so, the contents of your post workout meal can dictate your ability to recover efficiently or not.

To juice or not juice?

Juicing is the buzz word in the media these days especially with the popularity of 3-7 day juice detoxes and so on. The reason I’ve

Banana & Egg Pancake recipe

So simple, yet so damn good. One of the easiest, tastiest, healthy treats ever. Also a great post workout snack. All you need is a

10 reasons women should lift weights

1. You Will Lose Body Fat Weight training provides the body with an after burn effect. An increase in the amount of energy you use

Steps to avoid Christmas weight gain

It’s that time of year again. Some people start stuffing their faces, like a willing foie gras goose, and decide to throw caution to the

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