Common Health & Fitness Questions

  1. Whats more important, regular exercise or a good diet?

You can’t out train a bad diet. The truth is in my experience, those who focus more on their nutrition and train a couple times a week get better results than those who train multiple times a week but don’t pay enough attention to what they eat.

  1. Why do some people lose fat quicker than others?

There are a number of factors which contribute to how quickly or slowly a person loses fat. The obvious ones are  genetics, how good the persons food in take is and the type of exercise they are involved in. But, apart from these a couple of lesser known elements also make a big difference. Stress and lack of sleep can have a massive impact on ones ability to lose fat efficiently. In many cases even if a persons food and training is spot on if they are going through a period of stress or if their sleep is out of wack it can totally halt or even reverse progress.

  1. Should I have a “cheat day” where I can eat whatever I want?

This really depends on where you’re at in relation to your goals. I typically never advise a cheat day as this can tend to spiral out of control. There are however numerous benefits to giving yourself a designated cheat meal or sitting while trying to drop body fat. As well as a cheat meal allowing you to satisfy cravings it also has a positive effect on hormones, almost acting like a reset while going through a period of eating decreased calories. What a cheat meal should contain is an increase in carbohydrates and calories but make sure to also add a protein source. Not a massive dose of refined sugar and processed fats, which is just going to make you feel pretty crappy.

  1. What are the biggest mistakes women who want to improve their health and shape make?

Pretty much everyone in my opinion is guilty of these 3 mistakes at some time or other:

Dieting, Iv said it time and time again, what most women need is not less food but an increase of nutrient dense food.  In most cases going on a “diet” and restricting food intake is the last thing women need. Whats more important is to make sure you are actually eating enough nutrient rich foods which will make your body and metabolism work efficiently.

Choosing cardio over weight training out of a fear that they don’t want to get bulky. Weight training will not make you bulky. A diet which is too high in sugar and processed food will. Weight training is what will give shape and firmness to your body and is far more efficient for fat loss. Women generally don’t have enough testosterone to become “bulky”.

Doing the same workout routine over and over again. Nowadays there are numerous free resources to tap into online and on social media to find ideas to help vary your workouts. Or invest in getting some professional advice to give you some guidance. Maintaining the same routine with the same intensity is not only boring but will also result in plateaus and lack of progress.

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