Do you train regularly at high intensity? If so, the contents of your post workout meal can dictate your ability to recover efficiently or not. A lot of people are becoming more and more carb phobic as many believe carbohydrates make you fat. What is important to remember is the timing of when to eat carbohydrates and what type can dictate whether they work for you or against you.

Ultimately, how much carbohydrates to eat and when to eat them very much depends on the individual. Whether they are male or female, how active they are, how insulin sensitive they are, whether the purpose of training is to improve performance or body composition. Basically there are a number of factors to be considered before estimating how much and when to consume carbohydrates and even then, can be adjusted through trial and error. The bottom line is as a general guideline we recommend: if you train regularly at high intensity and you want to achieve optimal body fat levels coupled with optimal recovery from workouts we recommend basing most of your meals from protein, good fat and cruciferous/green vegetable sources while including carbohydrates in your post workout meal.

See the pictures below as examples of post workout meals.

The Low Down on Carbs

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