Steps to avoid Christmas weight gain

It’s that time of year again. Some people start stuffing their faces, like a willing foie gras goose, and decide to throw caution to the wind as that little voice in their heads says: “Ah, sure, it’s Christmas”. But take a moment to consider these few damage control tips.

Steps to avoid Christmas weight gain

Avoid stocking your household too early with alcohol and treats that you plan to consume at Christmas. When you do purchase them, literally hide them away in a cupboard or storage box until the right time. We have all been there, the tins of biscuits and boxes of Roses are just too tempting when they are sitting right in front of you. If the tempting treats are constantly visible, you will be far more likely to eat them.

Check with your gym in advance to find out their holiday opening hours. Try to plan ahead and on days where it may be closed or unavailable to you, go on outdoor walks or runs.

This is probably the most important tip: Place a cap on the number of pigging-out days. Christmas day, St Stephen’s Day and New Years Eve are the big three when it comes to indulgence. Best not to allow an overflow into the days leading up to and after these three; this is what causes the serious weight-gain for most.

The average person gains half a stone over the Christmas period, do your best not to become a statistic. Try this season not to fall for the societal acceptance of holiday weight gain, and instead, stay physically active and exercise some control. Enjoy the treats and indulgences, it is part of Christmas after all just try incorporate these tips, your body and waistline will thank you when the New Year rolls around.
Have a great Christmas from all at Metabolic Fitness 🙂

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