10 reasons women should lift weights

1. You Will Lose Body Fat

Weight training provides the body with an after burn effect. An increase in the amount of energy you use after you stop exercising. This increase in metabolism coupled with correct eating is the best way to burn body fat.

2. You Will Get Toned But Not Bulky

It all ultimately comes down to hormones. Most women simply do not possess the necessary level of testosterone to build a bulky physique. It is actually quite hard to gain muscle. Doing squats for example won’t give you massive muscled legs but it will give you a firm shapely backside!

3. You Will Be Physically Stronger

This translates into every day activities where functional strength is important. Anything from being able to pick up and hold a child to no longer having to wait around for a man to move the couch or carry your suitcase.

4. You Will Improve Your Athletic Performance In All Activities

I have seen massive improvements in clients sporting activities outside of the gym. Faster on the hockey field compared to all other ladies, being able to drive the ball longer in golf, having a more powerful shot in tennis. These are just a few of the improvements female clients have informed me of as a result of personal training using primarily weights.

5. You Will Be More Resistant To Injury, Arthritis And Osteoporosis

10 Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights - Fitness Tips

A stronger body is more resistant to injury. Weight training strengthens muscles which help protect joints affected by arthritis. Strength based training has been shown to increases bone density which can assist in the prevention of osteoporosis.

6. You Will Increase Your Metabolism

A body composition with a favorable muscle to fat ratio achieved with weight training will result in a better functioning metabolism. By definition, metabolism is the rate in which your body processes food.

7. You Will Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease And Diabetes

Weight training helps reduce visceral fat (fat around the organs) which has been associated with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. Building muscle tone increases the muscles demand for glucose. The muscles take glucose from the blood stream so that blood sugar levels don’t rise dangerously. This helps to prevent diabetes.

8. You Will Lower Your Blood Pressure

Although exercise temporarily increases blood pressure while exercising. Weight training has been shown to reduce blood pressure in the long term.

9. You Will Improve Your Posture

A weight training program provided by a personal trainer who knows what they are doing can correct and improve postural problems especially those associated with a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged periods sitting at a desk.

10 .You Will Feel And Look Better Than With Any Other Type Of Training

Cardio based exercises alone can result in a slightly lighter but shapeless, soft physique. Guided weight training can specifically focus on fat loss, giving your body shape and firmness leaving you looking forward to wearing your favourite outfit rather than trying to hide those all too familiar body parts you just aren’t happy with.

Metabolic Fitness Trainer Fiona pictured below is a perfect example of the type of shape achievable with weight training.

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