The Farmers Walk – The exercise you probably aren’t doing but should

Everyone wants to know what is the latest coolest exercise or piece of equipment but, sometimes you just have to go back to basics. One of the most basic yet massively beneficial exercises is The Farmers Walk.

The Farmers Walk Exercise Instructions

It engages all the muscle groups in one movement, will make you stronger, burn fat and crank up your metabolism for hours. It’s also possibly one of the most functional exercises to convert into practical everyday strength.

There are dedicated farmers walk bars which are great, I personally like to perform them using a hex bar or trap bar. But, heavy dumbbells or kettlebells can also be used.

The effects depend on the distance walked and weight used. A lighter weight with longer distance is going to blast your cardiovascular system. Gradually increasing the weight while walking a shorter distance will have more of a strength based result.

Maintaining proper technique throughout the movement is crucial. Start with a light weight and master proper form before moving onto heavy loads. When picking up the weight drive through your heels and squeeze your glutes at the top. Never allow shoulders to round forward, stand with a tall spine keeping the shoulders back and above your hips. When walking take short controlled steps, don’t try to rush if your grip is failing. If walking back and forth over the length of a room don’t turn while holding the weight, simply place it on the floor then reset and start facing the opposite way.

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